Some days you just need a fun, quick project to feel as though you've actually accomplished something. We all need a win occasionally! I was feeling that way this weekend. I just needed to finish something, anything. 

No doubt, bulky weight yarn can get a project finished in no time. I'm not a huge fan of bulky weight yarn, but I have a few skeins in my stash. I found some Lion Brand Hometown USA in Portland Wine. It's such a deep pretty color.

I'm so happy to share the pattern with you. Here's to a Finished Project!

Materials ~

1 Skein of Super Bulky yarn (you could substitute with 2 strands of worsted weight held together as well, though I'm not sure of the required yardage.)

10.00 mm Crochet Hook (N/15)

Large eye darning needle

Abbreviations ~ 

ch - chain                          st - stitch 
slst - slip stitch                  sk - skip                            


Chain 90, join with beginning ch st (make sure the chain isn't twisted).

Slst in the top bar of next 9 chs, ch20, sk 20 chs, *slst in the top bar of the next 10 chs, sk 20 chs*, repeat *-*. Don't join.

*Slst in the back bar of next 10 slst, ch20, sk 20 chs*, repeat 2 more times. This completes the round. Don't join.

Repeat this last step until you have only enough yarn left to compete 1 more round.  

(Tip: Ch 120 from the non working end of the yarn and secure with a stitch marker. This should allow enough yarn for the last round. When you've stitch through the skein to this point, you know you need to start the last round. Remove the stitch marker, frog the chains & keep stitching.)

The slst areas should be about 4" wide at this point. In the last round, we'll not only slst through the back bar of the next slst, we'll also pick up the bottom bar of the beginning chain row stitches. Essentially making a tube from the rows of slip stitches. 

Fold the fabric up from the back side so the beginning chain row matches up with the current row of stitches. 

Insert your hook into the back bar of the next slst and the bottom bar (which is on top now that you've folded the fabric up) of the 1st ch of the beginning ch and draw up a loop. Continue in pattern, working through both layers.

Slst through both layers of next 9 sts, ch20, sk 20 chs, *slst through both layers of next 10 sts, sk 20 chs*, repeat *-*. Join to next st and fasten off. Weave in the ends and poof, a scarf!

I hope you enjoy some quiet time with your yarn & hook while making yourself a snuggly scarf. 

Till next time....

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