Aspiring Nana

I first learned to knit & crochet when I received the news that I would soon be a grandmother (Nana). A joyous day without a doubt. 

As a new crafter, my compulsion to buy one skein of every color was neither wise nor frugal. Some of those skeins make up this precious blanket.

I came across this wonderful mother/daughter site on YouTube, Tejiendo PerĂº. I can’t understand a word, but I knew I loved their work after watching the 1st video. This blanket is based on her swatch tutorial, “Punto lego tejido a crochet”.

Note: Although the video only works the pattern on the “right” side of the fabric by cutting the yarn at the end of each row and joining the new color at the beginning of the row, this pattern works in continuous rows, turning at the end of each row. Do not cut the yarn at the end of rows. You will be “carrying” the yarn up the sides of the blanket. Don’t pull yarn too tight when carrying up the sides. These will be concealed with the border. To join next color: “finish” the last stitch of each row with the next color in line.


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