Double-Ended Hook Fun!

December 03, 2020


I've been experimenting with double-ended Tunisian and WOW! I love the textures and additional creativity you can achieve with this technique!

I received a used copy of "101 Double-Ended Hook Stitches" published by Annie's Attic from a friend a while back. All the wonderful stitches! There are 2 publication dates of this book. I have the 2002 version.

I decided to cast on a beautiful zig-zag design using Hayfield Ibiza and Caron Simply Soft with a 6.5mm double-ended hook. It's #32 in the book. The stitch design creates a fluffy yet light weight fabric with stunning lines & textures.

If you have an opportunity to give double-ended crochet a go, I highly recommend it!

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