A New Beanie!

December 17, 2020


After finishing the Tunisian Chevron Scarf, I had almost enough left over for a beanie. Hence the color variation at the crown. No worries, I'll wear it! It almost matches my hair color!

I used a different approach to the brim. No single crochet in the back loop for however many rows, no front post & back post stitches either. I used a double-ended hook on 8 TSS to work a reversible "ribbing" for 42 rows. So easy, I wish I had thought of that years ago! 

I then made 2 half-double traditional stitches in the edge of each TSS row to start the beanie. 

The rest is TSS in the round with the same double-ended hook I made the brim with.

I used DK weight yarn with a 6.00 mm hook. What a fun prject!

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