Tunisian Mosaic

November 24, 2020

I've been looking forward to working with my 2 favorites for so long now. Crochet thread with Tunisian crochet. 

The 1st challenge was finding a hook small enough that the thread didn't end up looking like a tangled mess. The 2nd, well, what do I want to make using this technique? 

My Denise Interchangeable set came with a 3.75mm hook. It works well enough with #10 thread, but I believe a 3mm would look nicer. I can be happy, for now, working on some color work with a mosaic pattern. I think this will help the muscle memory in my hands get accustomed to the thread and various stitches. 

I'm currently on the hunt for small hooks with cables. They're just about non-existent. The smallest I've found are 3.5mm Dreamz from Knitter's Pride. I have a large stash of #20 & #30 thread. I think I need a 2mm to work with that size thread. It works nicely on a 2mm double ended hook. 

If anyone knows of a supplier for the smaller cabled hooks, drop me a quick note. 

Happy Stitching!

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